About Your Team

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Daniel Deyette

President, CEO, Coach Dan’s career from four years of coaching online marketing to working with big brands like Disney Interactive, Advantage Rent A Car, HP computer and others spans over a decade of experience.

Michelle Agnew

Chief Technology Officer Michelle’s programmed in over 8 languages and over 18 years experience as a software architect, DBA and systems administrator. She doesn’t believe in impossible.

Stephanie Stover

Marketing Manager Stephanie’s a seasoned veteran of all things pay per click advertising and search marketing. She’s in charge of all Adwords, Facebook and Bing advertising we provide. A regular ‘case study creator’ she’s always driving results and has an amazing track record.

B. ℚ.

Senior Developer  Bℚ manages projects and stands in when our lead developer is away. He’s a talented coder who can easily solve complex challenges.

Corey R.

Software Developer  Corey’s main role is HTML/CSS and web development. He specializes in CSS layouts, Email design and graphical charts.

Xeno Schmidt

Software Developer  Xeno works with Python and PHP and knows his way around linux and works with complex software tasks.

Alison Tedford

Executive Assistant  No title would fit for the talents Alison has. She can write better than Mark Twain, build reports better than a science teacher and investigate like a journalist!

Timely Support

We firmly believe in answering every email by the end of the business day, as best as possible.

Innovative Ideas

We’re watching the competition, reading industry blogs and constantly staying ahead of the curve. Thrilled to be in an industry that changes daily!

Advanced Technology

Constantly using the latest software, latest strategies, newest theories and complex comprehensive ideas, we’re here to hack growth to the max!

Clear Communication

Our entire team speaks english, reads english and is native to north american soil. We aim to keep it that way. You’ll never be misunderstood by our team!

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