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There are so many marketing agencies and small companies out there offering Google and Facebook ad services, you have to be careful who you choose. Our clients would agree we’re unlike any of the usual companies out there.

Here’s what makes our marketing services different:

#1. We care about our customers
Sure, anyone can say that. However, few will put their money where their mouth is and recommend canceling their invoice if their customer isn’t getting value. Few will watch the numbers, offer to take care tech glitches and step in outside the scope of what was promised to make sure things are working as expected, but we will.

#2. We plan ahead
Our reporting doesn’t just show you bland numbers. Our team lets you know what’s been done, what’s next and what we think the next steps are to reach your goals. You do NOT have to micro-manage us, we’re leading you every step of the way toward your goal.

#3. We’re approachable
Our whole team actually loves helping people and we’re here durring our hours of operation to help answer any question (no matter how silly or trivial) and support you.

#4. Strength in Team
Our team is not just a one or two man show. We have skilled web developers, ad managers, writers and general marketing folks who’ve been in the business almost 20 years. We’ve worked in every market you can imagine and our collaborative team makes a big difference.

Why Google Ads?
We believe that the number one thing the internet gave us was the ability to ‘google’ something. Your customers search for answers to their biggest questions every single day. You want to be there, on the forefront of those questions with YOUR answer, supporting them in making the right decision – and finding your products/services.

We also use Google’s learning engine to ensure that our ads are constantly running in front of the right people, at the right time of day, and on the right websites (like forums and news articles). They are constantly learning where the highest converting placement of your ad should be.

Why Facebook Ads?

These days a growing number of old and young are on Facebook catching up with friends, watching their grandkids grow and engaging in social groups. We’re here to help you dangle the right carrot in front of those ideal target customer’s eyeballs to get them into your marketing systems, educated and investing in your products/services.

There are millions of new people joining Facebook every day and engaging in important conversations, and it’s important to reach the RIGHT people, at the right time with the right targets.

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